Your Family Deserves the Best

You work very hard for your family. You do everything you can to provide for them, even if that means working over time or even a second job. Most people think that they have all the coverage they need when it comes to insurance but some people overlook having a quality life insurance policy. With the average funeral costing over five thousand dollars, is your family covered in case something happens to you? Even if you have a pre existing condition, you can still get life insurance rates that will cover you.

Some insurance companies will require their prospective new members to have a physical exam. What the insurance companies are doing is checking to make sure that their members are healthy. Most exams include blood work and even an xray or CT scan if warranted. Depending on how the tests and physical exam come back, the insurance company will then determine the plan’s premium for life insurance. If someone has an elevated blood sugar or high blood pressure, then they may choose to increase the base premium for life insurance based on the fact that the person may be at risk for either diabetes or hypertension.

It is not uncommon for a life insurance company to charge a smoker more for life insurance than a nonsmoker. It is entirely up to the insurance company for them to decide if they even want to insure you or not. Someone with a history of cancer or diabetes might even get denied coverage because the insurance company feels that you are too high of a risk to insure, and that they may not make any money off of the member due to past medical conditions. Drinking and recreational drug use are also two reasons why a person may be denied for life insurance coverage.

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