Working Towards a Retirement Plan

I am behind on my investments it seems to me, at least this is the case if I would have any chance of retiring before I am 65. I have been doing a very conservative type of investing though. It is not like I have been doing any sort of really risky thing. I have not been doing binary options or pairs trading. Of course the market goes up and down a lot and it seems like my stocks are not really growing the way that I would like for them to do. Obviously if it worked out the way you want you would buy a hundred dollars worth of stock and then sell it for a thousand dollars after you paid the taxes on the profit. That is not how it works though. In fact you are rarely going to see an investment where you even double your money. If you do that it is because you took a big risk.

A binary option for example is basically a win or lose gamble. It is possible that you might double your money, but at the same time you could lose every penny of it as well. I am guessing that there are some people who can stand that sort of risk, but they probably have a ton of money and are willing to take these sorts of chances on a tiny fraction of it. It would be a very foolish person who would risk money that they could not afford to lose on what is a pure gamble. At the same time I suppose that a lot of people would view this as a form of entertainment just like placing a bet on a roulette wheel. Of course a roulette wheel pays off a whole lot better if you win.

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