Working on the Shopping Already

I just got the start on my shopping. Of course my Mom helped me out and told me exactly what to get for my Dad and she even found where to get the best deal. She had a nice little bed bath and beyond coupon, which is the reason why it was the best deal. If not for that coupon, then the deal would have likely been in some other place. My Dad is a huge coffee drinker and one of his best friends recently got one of those really nice coffee makers, the kind that uses those k cup things. So he has to have one and it is doubtful that he wants to wait until the eve of Christmas to open up his present. He knows what he is going to get and has already ordered a bunch of k cup things from this web site that does not sell anything except coffee and tea and that sort of thing.

The rest of my shopping I might stick with my usual strategy. I try to convince Marge that I can not be trusted with any of the important gifts, which is a totally plausible argument given my history of bad choices in Christmas gifts. She will gripe about it, but of course in truth she is happy that I have to admit that I need her to save my sorry butt from my own ineptitude and laziness. A woman never loves anything better than having a man admit that he is helpless without her sage advice and loving hand to guide him. Well they like diamonds more than that stuff and I am sure that I will probably buy her something like that, although it is not going to be any overly expensive sort of piece of jewelry.

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