Trying to Get Back to Solvency

Debt Payment Planner / Tracker - Customizable Excel - Christmas in ...I did not need to get one of those easy debt review deals to tell me what I needed to do, and so I have pretty much stopped spending money until I am back to where I need to be. I was pretty stupid when I was in college and I spent a lot of nights out with my credit cards and a girl. Of course I was having a really great time and so were a lot of my pals. It did not make a lot of sense to do it, but I was not used to paying my bills and of course you really do not have to pay off your credit cards. Those guys are pretty happy to let you pay the minimum. They can charge you those really high interest rates for the rest of your life and not really care if you die owing them a lot of money.

Of course my girlfriend is the one who was responsible for making me start taking action. She got a look at my bills and laughed at me. She was saying that she would lend me money at twenty five percent interest, which was what one of those credit cards was charging me. I was not silly enough to not understand that I did not want to use that credit card very often. I was smart enough to use the ones that had a lot more reasonable rates on them. Of course that is a relative term. In particular you have to realize that the credit card company could borrow money for almost nothing, then they turn around and charge you ten times what they are borrowing it at. In fact my girl says that the interest rate on that one card is right below the legal maximum.

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