Three Names Struck off My List

I have started to peck away at my Christmas gift giving list already. It is going to be different from every other year, although I am sure that I shall put off some of it to the very last possible moment and frantically go searching for something. The first thing I got was a really nice coffeemaker for my Dad. He told me what he wanted and even showed me where to find a bed bath and beyond coupon for 2015 so that I could get it really cheap. I was convinced that I could find one for less, but he had obviously done his homework and I was indeed not able to get a better deal than the one that he had found. It cost me around one hundred and thirty dollars after I finished and then I bought some of those keurig k cup things off this web page that does not sell anything except coffee related products. Well actually I think they sell a few things that are related to other beverages, like home made soda and different types of tea bags and such.

My Dad also told me what to get Mom, although he wants me to go in with him on it as it is going to cost a good bit of money. Of course he is thinking of ways to go cheap, so that he can spoil his grandchildren even more than usual if you ask me. I went ahead and gave him one hundred and fifty dollars which is about half of what this is going to cost him. Of course he does not have a ton of extra money and even though they save up for Christmas it is not like he can be affording to splurge and put it on his credit card.

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