These Coins Were Old and Rare

When I was cleaning out my uncle’s attic, I came across an old tin that had a lot of coins in it. I could not tell if there were any coins of any value, especially since some were older and looked to be in decent shape. I know next to nothing about old coins though, so I knew I would have to start looking at different coin dealers in Nashville and find one that I felt I would be able to trust. Since I did not know anything about them, I had to rely on online reviews.

After reading quite a few of them, I knew that the Nashville Gold & Coin Buyers was a reputable company. I read quite a few reviews about how they were fair to customers, did not try to buy coins to where the customer takes a loss, and even offered more than the customers expected in some cases. When a dealer is willing to take a loss even when the customer would not have been aware otherwise, then that is the dealer that I want to use for any coin business that I might have.

I contacted them after reading their website, and I did understand the three factors that make coins valuable. First, they have to be rare. They also have to be in good condition if not great, and it depends on what kind of metal the coins are made from. I had all of the coins appraised in the tin, and I was really surprised when they started giving me individual values for the various coins. I was expecting them to be worth a little, but I was floored when I was given the total. I don’t think my uncle even know what a goldmine he was sitting on with all of these coins in the old tin box!

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