Started Working on the New Project

Jack, Tim , Jimmy and I have started working on the new project this week. We are going to be doing some promotions for this big cafeteria chain. The idea is to try to get people to use coupons for restaurants as a way to drive business. Of course they have the sort of place where you are going to probably take the whole family. I go there quite a lot and if you are smart you can call ahead. They have this deal with is basically a great deal if you know what you are doing. Of course you can get the wrong thing and it can be expensive, but there is always a special if you are good with the math you can end up getting a really good deal on a meal for the entire family. Of course they have everything and you can usually find what you want to eat on the menu.

It is is different every night, but they nearly always have the big things. Like country style steak, you get those with dinner rolls and mashed potatoes and green beans. They have the meat loaf which is always pretty good and some times if I feel like it I will get some chicken tenders. They make those in the real tedious way, it is not like the ones you get from the fast food place where they are processed or something like that. They actually have a person who makes theme no that takes a whole lot of time and effort. It is hard to believe that they do it the right way, but that is how they do it. Of course they have all of the vegetables that you could ever want and you can buy a whole pie if you want it.

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