Sorting out My Debts and Assets

I am going to figure out what sort of moves I need to make now. My situation has changed and I am looking at being able to do things better if I am clever enough to make it work to my advantage. I went down to a licensed money lender and talked to this guy I know. Of course it would be a lot better if the guy was a banker, but if he was then he probably would not talk to me. The rates on their loans are pretty high, especially compared to what you would be able to get if you were some really rich business person. However I have worse debts and now I have a bit of collateral. My Uncle Jack died suddenly and he left a good bit of property. It was not that much for me when it had all been split up and the tax had been paid, but it puts me in a much better place.

He had no kids of his own, and he did not like about half of the relatives that he had. I was not a huge fan of him myself, truth is that he was a bit of a jerk and the sort of guy who could hold a grudge like it was a badge of honor. That is not so relevant any more, although the cousins who got nothing are pretty unhappy that I got a nice share of the inheritance. In fact I got a place to live. That gets me out of having to pay rent and it gets me away from my crazy neighbors. My uncle Jack owned this place and a couple of others, but this is the one that I got and it is the one I would have wanted to get.

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