Reviewing Your Debt and Educating Yourself

Finding high quality debt counsellors has been a problem for many people. Debt itself is a problem that is going to quickly escalate to a point where it is complete out of control if something isn’t done to educate people. I have always been blown away that there is not more of an effort being made to incorporate finances into primary classes for children as it is going to inevitably become a part of their every day lives and is not something that should be left to parents alone. Even parents are not always able to teach their children some of the most basic parts of growing up.

My own parents were absolutely terrible about this. Neither of them were able to make so much a budget, much less track their money or their debt. They both spent money like it was always going to be available, freely tossing cash out of the window in the form of maxing out of credit cards like there was no tomorrow. Even as a kid I could see that there was an inherent problem in doing this but I didn’t understand exactly what it was that they were doing. Unfortunately this carried over to me as an adult.

As an adult I made serious mistakes with my debt. I never learned how to properly manage my money and I never learned to read the small print – a problem that many people have when signing up for credit cards. Credit cards can be incredibly, terribly misleading. Those who do not know how they work simply use them in a way that is counter productive to their beneficial capabilities and unfortunately end up racking up all sorts of debt or not even building their credit in any meaningful sort of fashion that would have helped them.

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