My Wife Has Started Her Own Firm

Of course I did not think that Tina was going to stay home with the baby for the long term. I thought that she was determined to be the boss at the accounting firm where she worked. Of course after a bit I realized that she had been figuring out how to go about starting your own tax preparation business and how to run her own accounting firm. I did not realize that someone could do it this easily though, however it is pretty obvious that not just anyone could do. For starters she already had clients who were eager to come along with her, that is pretty simple really. Her boss really comes off as a sleazy sort of guy and makes it really hard for people to like him. His father was from all I have heard both a great accountant and a great guy. The son seems to be neither of those things and comes off as having never earned anything on his own in his entire life.

At any rate this turned out a lot better than I would have expected and better than Tina thought it would either. The problem is that people expect more of her than one person who is taking care of a toddler can provide, so she has found some other accountants to help out and we are thinking about getting something akin to a nanny. It is going to take a bit of time for us to figure it all out though. If I knew how to do this sort of work it would be easy for her to just hire me, although that would be a little awkward and it probably would not be the best thing for a marriage. You have enough problems without adding layers of complications to it.

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