Just Getting out of the Real Estate Business

This is a guest post by Angie Picardo, a staff writer for NerdWallet ...I have made a good bit of money buying houses and fixing them up, but it has also been a lot of work as well. Of course I sell them when that is the best thing and I rent them as it seems best. Usually you are talking about salvage operations of one sort or another. The idea is not to buy a house unless you can manage to get your money back and a profit. Lately though I have been diversifying. I put a bit of money into mutual funds and some into gold ira investing. I am still pretty young and I am pretty much able to make more money working for a living, but I would much rather be a professional investor. Of course I do not mean that I want to sit in front of a computer with a half dozen monitors buying and selling stocks. I invest in stocks, but they are stocks that I do not need to worry about turning to dust while I am sleeping.

I am mostly thinking about spending a lot more time up on Smith Mountain Lake. I figure that maybe I can invest in some commercial real estate up there, mostly because it seems to me as though there are a lot of opportunities up there. I know that I can not really find all of the things I want very easily when I am up there. I spend a lot of time near the two big marinas up there. Both of them have some hotels or lodgings near them, but there are also so big condo towers that have their own marinas. I am thinking of doing something where you would have a little restaurant where I could eat, then go off fishing or skiing right away.

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