I’m Making More Money Than Most of My Friends

In retrospect, I am glad I looked online about a grant writer salary because knowing information about getting a job before you go into the interview is so very important. Also in retrospect I am surprised this is what I am doing right now. It all started when I went to school and earned an undergraduate degree. I impressed my professors with my research and diligence enough that when I applied to graduate school I got in easily. Moreover, I immediately got a position as a teaching assistant. It was a pretty good deal and easy money.

One of the professors I worked with started a conversation about his inability to get a grant for some research he needed to complete in order to finish a book. He said it used to be a lot easier to get grants but that the economy and general belt tightening made the whole process a nightmare. His grant proposals seemed to go nowhere. I humbly offered to take a look and see if I could write one for him. He was happy to let me take a crack at it and was astonished when they contacted him almost immediately offering the money.

The word got around and the department wanted to hire me to write proposals for everyone. My problem? I didn’t know how much money I should ask for the position. I went online and found a site that provided the information and I couldn’t believe I could get them to offer me so much money. Armed with the information I found online, I went in and asked for the high end and they said yes! I couldn’t believe it. I’m twenty two years old and making more money than all of my friends. At this point I’m considering making this my career.

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