Finding Good Online Budget Calculator

I just received my student aid money for the semester, and I am going to need to budget it, such that I can pay all of my bills, rent, and buy food for the remainder of the semester, without running out of money. I am pretty bad with money, and so I am going to get a budget calculator to help me with the process of budgeting out my money and making sure that I will have enough for each month.

I am already kind of worried that I am going to run out of money, and I do not know what I would do, if that were to happen. It definitely would not be a good thing, and it is not what I want to happen. However, at times, I doubt my ability to budget money effectively, and I am going to be careful to make sure that I do not make any mistakes when it comes to making this budget, and using the calculator.

I am kind of worried that I will forget an expense when it comes to making the calculations. So to try to prevent that, I am going try to make a list of all of my expenses and really think about it for awhile, to ensure that I do not leave anything off of the list. I have a pretty bad memory, so it would not be very hard for me to accidentally leave something off of the list, and that is definitely not what I want to do right now. Anyway, I am going to start making that list soon, but since I have already signed onto my computer, and I am browsing the web, I might as well look for an online calculator to use for my budget while I am still online.

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