Doing the Research on Investments

I have been trying to figure out the details on something that I have been thinking about. I have a good deal of money involved in a couple of real estate ventures and I have been thinking about taking some of it out and getting into a different type of investment. I was wondering what the easiest type of Gold IRA rollover there is, because I am most of all thinking that I want to get an investment which is a much smaller drain on my time than owning a rental property is. Right now I have about a dozen of those and in theory you do not do all that much work, but things do not usually go as smoothly as you might like. In particular I have been having a very bad experience with this one tenant who is not paying his rent and not acting like he wants to be evicted either.

Of course no one wants to be evicted and there are laws which protect you from being evicted unfairly. In fact they protect you from being evicted fairly or not for some period of time. This guy definitely knows that I can not easily get rid of him and he is going to use this fact to allow him to take care of other obligations. Of course from his perspective it is all logical. He is not going to lose anything of his if I evict him, he just will need to find a new place to stay. In the meanwhile he can drag things out and in the end he might be able to keep his car. In fact he has a very nice car. In fact he goes around acting like he is a big deal it seems from the things that I hear.

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